***24-Stunden-Theater-Festival am 27./28. Oktober*** – jeder kann mitmachen!

Hello, theater people! [for the English text, please see below]

Hallo liebe Freunde des Theaters!

Die Anmeldung für das **neunte 24 Stunden Theater Festival** ist hiermit eröffnet.

Es findet dieses Jahr am 27.10. (für Autoren) und 28.10. (für Schauspieler, Regie, Back-Stage, Publikum) statt.

Anmeldeschluss ist der 24. Oktober. Meldet Euch am besten gleich an unter provisionalplayers@gmail.com!

Gebt bitte bei der Anmeldung an, welches Eure bevorzugte Sprache ist, und welche anderen Sprachen ihr noch “zu bieten” habt. Die Hauptsprachen des Festivals sind normalerweise Englisch und Deutsch, aber wir hatten auch schon Stücke in Spanisch und anderen Sprachen. Das funktioniert natürlich nur, wenn die Autoren wissen, für wen sie schreiben. Daher auch die Anmeldung, um die notwendige Orga machen zu können. Und manche Gruppen haben beschränkte Teilnehmerzahlen.

Mehr Details zu dem, was man alles genau machen kann, im englischen Text. Bei Unklarheiten: einfach mich fragen.

Herzliche Grüße, Oliver (zu erreichen via provisionalplayers@gmail.com)

And now to the English text:

You may now sign-up for the eighth ever „24 HOUR THEATER FESTIVAL” in Tuebingen! (Don’t know what it is? Details are at the end of the email.)

**The performance will be on Saturday, October 28th at 20:00 in the Brechtbau Theater. That means the writers will meet at 20:00 on Friday night, October 27th and begin the project.**

We are now accepting registrations for the festival!

What can you do?

1) ACT – The heart of theater lies in the actors. You will play 1, 2 or 3 different roles in different pieces of theater. You can act in English or in German (or Russian, Spanish, French, or another language if there is a play written as such), or do pieces in multiple languages! You will have to be available only on one day, **Saturday, October 28th, starting at 9:00** in the morning. I know that’s tough, but we really need the time.

2) DIRECT – You will take charge of one of the short plays, interpreting it as you wish. You will tell the actors what to do and how to do it. You can direct a play in any language available. You will have to be available only on one day, **Saturday, October 28th, starting at 9:00 in the morning**. You don’t need any previous experience in directing, only the interest to do it!

3) WRITE – You will actually write one of the 8 plays that we will perform. You will work alongside other writers and help them with their pieces, as they will do for you. You may write a play in English or German, whichever you would rather do, and there will be native speaker editors available for both. You can also write a play in another language if we have actors who can do it! You will have to be available the whole night of **Friday, October 27th from 20:00** until we finish (at 4:00) in the morning.

4) TECH – You will be the technical director for a piece of theater. You will design the lights, help with props and costumes, and work behind the scenes to make a play look good on stage! You will have to be available only on one day, **Saturday, October 28th, starting at 9:00 in the morning**.

4) VOLUNTEER – So you love theater and want to be involved, but not directly with the plays? No problem! That’s great! Come and help us run the event – organize the rehearsals, help with administration, and many other things! You will have to be available only on one day, **Saturday, October 28th, starting at 9:00 in the morning**.

6) ANY COMBINATION OF THE ABOVE – You can do more than one thing! Want to act and direct? Write and act? Volunteer and do tech? Fine! Just let me know.

So, clear your calendars for the 27th and 28th, and join us in this ridiculous and incredible undertaking – it will be theater like you’ve never done it before.

To sign up, please send an email to me at this address: provisionalplayers@googlemail.com

Please tell us:
– EMAIL (if different than the one you used to write me)
– HOW YOU WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE (if more than one, what is your first choice?)
– LANGUAGE preferred and all possible languages

That’s all! I’ll send you more details closer to the event.

There are limited spots available, so sign-up as soon as possible. The deadline to sign-up for the event is October 25th – registrations after this date may not be accepted. Better yet, why not do it now?

If you have any questions, send me an email (in English or in German) at
provisionalplayers@googlemail.com .

Thanks a lot!

-Oliver Schroeder
on behalf of the 24 Theater Festival Coordinators

*But what is the 24 Hour Theater Festival?*

24 Hour Theater Festival is a project which features 6 – 10 short plays which have been completely written, directed, and rehearsed within 24 hours of the performance.

Who’s involved: Anyone who wants to be. The goal is to include anybody who has an interest in writing, directing, acting, or working as part of the crew.

How it works: We promote the event in advance with posters / fliers. Then, at 8:00 pm the night before the performance, the WRITERS get together, and, in each other’s company, write drafts of short, new plays. Plays can be in any language. When we finish, we read and discuss the plays, then help each other edit them. If there are more than 7, we choose the best ones together. We spend as much time as we need during the night in this process, and maybe if we’re lucky we even can sleep for a few hours.

At 9:00 am the following morning, we meet with the DIRECTORS and ACTORS. The scripts are printed and ready to work on. We spend time reading the cripts, then we assign scripts to DIRECTORS. If there are more directors than scripts, we can work in teams. We quickly cast the pieces using the ACTORS available, giving everybody an equal chance to perform. During the day, we stage and rehearse the plays, as well as collect any props or costumes that we want to use. We take an hour break for lunch and take an hour to eat together for dinner, then in the evening we complete the tech and have a full dress rehearsal of the pieces. Then, at 8:00 in the evening, we perform the pieces for the audience, exactly 24 hours after we started.

1. It gives us something to do together, and lets us work with new people.
2. It gives aspiring actors, directors, and writers a chance to work, sometimes for the first time!
3. It’s really fun. It’s the full rush of an opening night with only one day of hard work.