Casting Calls for „Mort“ by Terry Pratchett® and „Titus Andronicus“ by William Shakespeare

„Mort“ Casting on Sunday, March 11th, 12 pm:

In autumn this year, The Provisional Players want to perform „Mort“ (known in German as “Gevatter Tod”), Terry Pratchett’s hilarious and epic story of a boy who becomes Death’s apprentice and accidentally upsets the entire history of the future. There is also a quite epic amount of roles in this play!
(If you don’t want to act, but love Terry Pratchett or want to get involved nevertheless, we’re always looking for helping hands backstage – that could be costumes, make-up, props, stage design, sound etc… just contact us or show up and talk to us :))

If you’re interested in attending the casting and applying for a role, please note that the rehearsal period for this play is March – October/early November 2018, with a potential rehearsal break in August. If you’re gone for several weeks or even months during that time period, you unfortunately cannot take part in this production.

The casting will take place on Sunday, March 11th, at 12 pm (sharp!) in the BrechtBauTheater. You don’t have to prepare anything, but bribes in the form of cake or extensive enthusiasm for the play are welcome 😉 Bringing your calendar might be a good idea since you’ll be asked details about your availability for rehearsals.

What’s going to happen at the casting is that we will do a warm-up together and then there will be scene excerpts from the play for you and you’ll be able to try out as many roles as you want.

PS: If you really really cannot make it, please contact us (by writing to or to and we will try to find an extra date for you.


„Titus Andronicus“ Casting on Monday, March 12th, 6 pm:

A feud between two rightful heirs to the caesar’s crown.
A valiant general returning from a ten year war.
A promised couple that was torn apart by honour and justice.
A queen and a slave, both relinquished of their positions.
One promise – Blood and Revenge.

And revenge is a dish best served cold this summer term: The Provisional Players will be performing „Titus Andronicus“, one of Shakespeare’s classical revenge tragedies. For this, however, we need some actors willing to sacrifice a few drops 😉

There are a lot of roles to be filled, both on the stage and backstage. This means not only actors, but also costume, make-up, props, stage-design, tech & sound, etc. – just speak up, come to the meeting or send an eMail.


The original text can be found at the following (valid) sources:

You don’t have to prepare anything in terms of learning, but it would be awesome if you could bring either any sort of copy of the text with you,or a device which is capable of locating the text on the internet.
Also bringing along a pen and a calendar might be helpful 😀

If you are interested in taking part, please be advised that rehearsals will be tightly knit from March to July.
Our performance week is the 23rd July (Monday) to 27th July (Friday). Thus, dress rehearsal, stage building etc. will be directly before that.
If you cannot make it in this week or the days before that, you sadly cannot take part in this production.