Casting: „THE ARTFUL WIDOW“ by Carlo Goldoni, Provisional Players

Und nochmal eine eine Casting-Ankündigung für das Sommersemester für eine neue Produktion der Provisional Players:

Since sadly the performance of Titus Andronicus had to be postponed to the next semester a spot for a play in July became free. We’re therefore going to fill in the time slot with a new project directly from the rising of “Scripted Italian Theater”.

We’re then glad to invite you to the casting for “The Artful Widow” by Carlo Goldoni.

When and Where? Behind the Brechtbau Theater on Tuesday the 15th of May at 18.30!

During the casting process, the project will be explained and we’ll read the complete version of the play, so there is no need for you to prepare anything!

The play is a witty comedy full of colourful characters, where stereotypes – as seen in mid 18th century- of different countries, love, misunderstanding, gossip, duels and traditions merge to give life to a chaotic and jolly act.

If you’re interested in taking part to the casting, please write to the director, Raffaele, at

if you’re the kind of late/spontaneous person showing up without notice is still welcome! He will understand…

Looking forward to seeing you there!